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Grants and tax advantages

This information is based on the legislation in force in 2009 :


Passive grant: a procedure will make it possible that the final buyers may benefit from the passive grant. This would be to the order of 2% - 3% of the purchase price.

Solar photovoltaic panel grant: the Brussels Region grants, subject to certain conditions, up to 30% of the amount of the invoice. If the sale of the apartments takes place before the panels are invoiced, then this may be done in the name of the final purchasers, who will then be able to benefit from this grant, which may be up to 1500 euros per installation.


Tax reduction for zero-energy housing: the tax payer may reduce his/her income tax by an amount of 1660 euros/year (2010 income) during 10 years if he/she remains the owner of the property during that period.

Tax reduction for installation of solar photovoltaic panels: if the invoice for the photovoltaic installation can be made out to the name of the purchaser, this investment will give a right to a reduction of 40% of the investment up to a maximum of 3,600 euros (2010 income).
This reduction may be in addition to the tax reduction for zero-energy housing, but may not be added to any other tax reduction for an energy-saving investment once the ceiling is reached.

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