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GLOBE Project

In collaboration with FHW Architectes and the consultants, Écorce

A passive and zero energy building

The building will be constructed on a site located near the corner of Rue Bernaerts and Chaussée d’Alsemberg, with access to both of these streets, near to stores (Xavier De Bue neighbourhood) and public transport (direct access to the city centre).
The project has been designed as a whole, with a central area meant to be particularly green and which will be the link between the occupants. The outside passageways, the common external space and the private terraces are meant to promote harmonious living together for all of the occupants of the apartments. Particular attention has been paid in the design of the apartments to ensure that everyone's privacy has been respected, while still providing surroundings with a lot of light. The project is meant to be clearly contemporary; it will show that energy saving, comfort, a pleasant atmosphere and boldness go together.

The apartments

The 13 apartments face the street, on either side of the site.
Ten apartments (1 - 4 bedrooms) look out on Rue Bernaerts and 3 apartments (1 bedroom) look out on Chaussée d'Alsemberg.
All of the apartments face into the central inner area. The building offers a range of apartments, of different sizes (from 70m2 to 160m2), their composition (from a 1 bedroom apartment to 3 - 4 bedroom penthouse), or by their layout (on one or two floors). Most of the apartments have a terrace or a garden. On the ground floor Chaussée d’Alsemberg, the building will also provide a common area of 65m2 with a garden of 70m2 and a common laundry room with washer and gas dryer. Finally, a satellite dish to the use of all residents is foreseen.

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The quality of the apartments resides in :

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The building also houses an office space, on the first floors on Chaussée d’Alsemberg, with a surface area of 161m2.

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