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Globe Project: economic and ecological balance

Energy return

The model building will consume three times less energy than an ordinary building, built according to current standards.

Consult the table showing the calculation of consumption and energy savings

The greatest part of the energy savings will of course come from the reduced heating needs (nearly ten times less than an ordinary building).
At current energy prices, the model building will produce energy revenues, and not costs (more than € 10,000 for the entire building in the first year), during the first ten years. On average, over 20 years, the return from this building as compared to an ordinary building will be more than € 30,000/year, or a saving to the order of € 2,000 for a 100m2 apartment. The net cost of the building takes into account all of the flows from the purchase of biomass and gas, the sale of electricity into the network at a lower price than that at which it is purchased (in effect, it is not yet permitted to use the electricity produced outside of the shared spaces), and the sale of the green certificates at the current market price of 90 euros.

The project reduces the annual CO2 emissions by more than 60 tonnes as compared to an ordinary building. This assessment only allows for the direct energy consumption and not the embodied energy, which is also less due to the choice of sustainable materials.

N.B. The above figures are estimated as close as possible to reality, allowing for normal use and current energy prices. They may not under any circumstances be taken as a guarantee by the developer in relation to real consumption.

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