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EPB (Energy Performance of Buildings)

Green Immo's Globe Project is not subject to EPB regulations, because the planning permit request was lodged before 1st July 2009. The project has not, at this time, been entered into the EPB software.
Its (passive) thermal performance, the choice of materials and techniques used mean, however, that you are guaranteed an E value much better than that imposed by the Ordinance (E90 today and E70 from 2 July 2011).

From 2010, the certification of buildings will be obligatory for all property transactions and the E value will be calculated.

Here are the various requirements related to the EPB Ordinance and the performance achieved by the Globe Project, which shows that they are largely met:

E Level :

E= 100x (characteristic annual primary energy consumption/characteristic annual primary energy consumption reference value).
This value is calculated taking into account all elements set out below (building shell and techniques used in the building).
Aside meeting the various requirements related to the shell, the philosophy of the "zero primary energy" project strongly favours the E result, since this index reflects the building’s needs in terms of primary energy:
-production of green electricity by the photovoltaic panels and co-generation using rape seed
-common heating plant using biomass (rape seed co-generation)

K Level :

For housing, an increase of 10 points in the K value increases the E indicator in turn by the order of 10 points.

U max values imposed by the EPB :

In other words, each of the walls of the heated shell of the building is approximately three times better insulated than what is required under the EPB Ordinance.

Ventilation :

The ventilation of the building must be organized and guarantee the flow requirements of the Ordinance.
In the Globe Project, the hygienic ventilation of the building is met in each private unit by means of an individually-controlled forced draught ventilation system, with heat retrieval. It is the best of the three systems recommended under the EPB and, moreover, mandatory in a passive building.
The ventilation flows are calculated to meet the Belgian standard NBN D50-001, which is even more stringent than the EPB.
Airproofing of the building will be measured using the blower door test. The value of the annual air renewal rate at a pressure of 50 Pa (value n-50) must be less than 0.6; the EPB recommendation is 1 volume/hour, if the building has a controlled forced-draught ventilation system.

Thermal bridges :

Thermal bridges have all been reduced to the minimum and are taken into account in the thermal study of the building. Every thermal bridge has been calculated (the EPB Ordinance provides for a default value, which gives a much less favourable result.

Overheating :

The issue of overheating has been taken into account in the design of the building. It is, therefore, managed in a passive manner, without any consumption of energy (which would have a negative impact on the calculation of the E index).
-substantial thermal inertia: concrete slabs, cherty-limestone masonry
- shaded areas (balconies, terraces, etc.)
-increased ventilation aided by the transversal aspect of the apartments (opening windows on opposite sides of the building allows for a better cross-ventilation of the apartment and so better cooling).
The force-draught ventilation system also allows the risks of overheating to be reduced.
Moreover, night-time ventilation, with the windows or the forced-draught ventilation, with the help of the by-pass allows the building to cool down.
The E level is penalised when the building requires an active means of cooling or does not guarantee less than 8,000 kWh/year of overheating. The value of 17,000 kWh may not be exceeded

Insulation :

All of the hot water and heating piping is heavily insulated. The EPB requirements in this area will be largely met.

Partitioning :

The EPB requires that the building be partitioned so as to meet the needs of each of the apartments better. The Globe is designed in that way:
-Individual ventilation, also separate intake and exhaust.
-Possibility of switching off each private heating installation at the entrance.

Programmer :

The EPB requires that each unit be equipped with a manual control system and an automatic programmer with timer.
This is the case in this project since there is a general thermostat in each of the apartments for controlling all of the heating. The heated towel rail in the bathroom is controlled by use of a thermostatic valve.

Energy meters :

Individual electricity meters are planned, as well as meters for electricity production (co-generation and photovoltaic).
Hot water meters are also planned at the entrance to each of the private units.
These systems are, therefore, in accordance with the EPB requirements.

Supply of new air :

Each of the units is equipped with a double-flux ventilator with recovery of heat from the extracted air and automatic regulation (by-pass), in accordance with the EPB Ordinance.

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